Happy birthday, fatty!

On 26th of June it was my birthday. It has been such a wonderful day, I spent it with my boyfriend who made me feel loved.

I received a call from home once I sent my parents the picture above. It was my mum.

“Happy birthday! Hope you are having fun! Anyway, you should lose some kilos”. It is always like that. I should lose more kilos.

My dad says I’m a whale. He told me on my graduation day that “if you don’t lose weight I’ll kill you”. He said that obviously I’m back weighting 94 kilos, but that is not true, as I still fit in my clothes.

Surely my parents are responsible for me growing up not liking my body, on top of my trauma.

I hope one day I will learn to accept myself as I am.

3 responses to “Happy birthday, fatty!”

  1. That’s horrible that your parents would say things like that to you. If their own nonsense is distracting them from the fact that you look really happy (not to mention beautiful) in that picture, there’s something seriously wrong with them.

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    1. Yea, I tried to tell them but it’s useless. Thank you for the compliments ❤️

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  2. […] Since my weight increased last year my parents did all they could to make sure I felt bad about it, even “welcoming me home” with a comment on my weight and remarking I looked fat in a dress on my birthday. […]


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