Welcome home, fatty!

I arrived home and the first things I’ve heard are

“You are fat”

“You should cover yourself”

“You believe in climate change? You are stupid! These theories are like the Mayan theories!”

“You want to get married in the townhall and adopt a kid? You are such a delusion!”

“I know you are studying a master, but you should have worked this summer”

“I can see your big shoulders poking out of your dress”

Ah, being back home…

6 responses to “Welcome home, fatty!”

  1. They are seriously messed up.

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    1. Yeah… and then they ask why I am always sad while here

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  2. So sorry you need to go through this… 😔 This is such a bad behavior (of them!). Sending much strength to get through this time ♥

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️

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      1. You’re very welcome 🤗

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  3. […] increased last year my parents did all they could to make sure I felt bad about it, even “welcoming me home” with a comment on my weight and remarking I looked fat in a dress on my […]


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