I was asked how I am always happy

The other day my housemate asked me how I manage to be always happy. I was about to say “well you don’t know me”. Which is what I would usually say when someone commented on my happiness.

But… I realised my housemate in fact has seen me only after my depression recovery. And that is why he saw me always happy.

The realisation struck me so fiercely I stayed silent for a good minute. Then I just said “yeah well everything is fine so why not?”

It is so weird to think that all the people I met in this new university never saw me depressed or sad. They don’t know. They just assume I have always been like this.

Honestly, who am I to say they are wrong? It is nice for once to not have to explain why I am always sad and tired.

I am the one in tje picture when I was deep in depression. I was weighting 94kg. I gained 20kg as a result of my depression. I hated myself.

Now I managed to lose all the kilos as my mental health started to get better. I feel lucky.

2 responses to “I was asked how I am always happy”

  1. People don’t see the struggles other people have gone through.
    I’m glad you are much happier now.
    Congrats on losing all that weight.

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    1. Thank you so much 💓


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