I know I am not big

The other day I was causally chatting with my colleague about diet, exercise, feeling fat/thin and the pressure around it.

“You know, my parents keep saying I am big, even when I lost weight. I have decided that whatever they say will not matter to me anymore, even if they will comment that I am thin or beautiful. They have been making me feel so bad about myself, I do not see why I should consider their opinion on my body”

My colleague answered: “but why! They should not make you feel like this regardless. Besides, you are not big. Come on.”

And I went on “I know I am not big, right? But…” and we chatted more and more.

Later on, at home, I realised the power of the affirmation I so casually and confidently said to my colleague.

Nah, it has nothing to do with me being big or not big. what matters is that I said out loud something positive about myself (to me, weight is quite important at the moment as I decided to diet and lose it. By no means I want to say that people should be thin; what I mean is that I am proud of this because it matters to me).

Something positive! So confidently said, an affirmation about something that has been making me feeling miserable. Who would say? The me from last year would have said something along the lines of “well, I am” and totally believed it too, no matter the number on the scale.

This year something is changing, some little things, some positive affirmations and beliefs about myself that make it look like I am on the right track to love myself.

Love myself! Who would have thought? I cannot believe it.

And, if I can do it, so can you.

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