You are too fat to talk about anything else

My dad welcomed me in Italy with “Are you pregnant?” Not even hi before.

My mum said that it’s normal that other girls were jealous of me when I was younger, as I was skinny.

My dad looked at me and said “no”

My dad told me he wants a detailed plan for me to lose weight with also the estimated weight loss at the end. He said I should reach 64 kilos. I am 1.80 tall, 64 kilos is impossible.

He told me I could choose not to talk about it. I chose it. He got angry and left me alone at the breakfast table.

My dad weights 120kg. He’s huge.

Why being skinny is the obly way to exists without people bothering you like you were a piece of shit?

9 responses to “You are too fat to talk about anything else”

  1. Wow, that’s awful of him to say things like that.

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    1. It’s been the whole holiday. I feel so lonely.

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        1. This morning he left me alone for breakfast

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  2. If you love how you look he should respect that.

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    1. I do not love it, I want to lose weight in fact, but I wish he would leave me to it


      1. then i think you should try to take it positively like a motivation for you to maybe try and do something to lose it. That way you will have a peace of mind, I know its hard but you can try.

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        1. Yes, I will try once home


  3. […] my weight increased last year my parents did all they could to make sure I felt bad about it, even “welcoming me home” with a comment on my weight and remarking I looked fat in a […]


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