No milk for you

Today I woke up at my dad’s house and there wasn’t any milk to have breakfast with. It is a normal thing, as my dad is not what you can define a house person. He eats out with his friends lunch and dinner. If there’s no stuff for breakfast he skips it.

I told him he finished the milk without thinking about me. He said “Well, you come home once every few months, I mean, its normal that I don’t have everything ready. Go buy yourself milk!”

It’s interesting to point out that if I finished it he would have probably gotten angry. But oh well.

It’s fine, I’m used to it. It’s just that it’s things like this that expand the hole I have in me. I feel very hollow most of the time, as my family is not really one. My parents divorced and since then everything has been different.

If my kids will go abroad one day, when they come back they will find milk, croissants, coffee and everything to eat for as long as they stay.

I don’t want them to have a hole in them, like I have.

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