Book review – The opposite of butterfly hunting by Evanna Lynch

As a great fan of Harry Potter and cosplayer of Luna Lovegood, I could not avoid reading this book. And it was a good idea!

Evanna writes about her anorexia in a honest, compelling manner, and I love to read honesty when it comes to mental illnesses.

It’s too easy to go google remedies for bad mental health and find those quick guides of those people who write about the after, making it seem extremely easy to get out of your head.

It is not. As a sufferer of depression, I find those advices toxic and even more depressing. That is why this book by Evanna Lynch is useful: it does not romanticise mental illness, on the contrary, it shows its most ugly parts.

It was a great help for me and I am sure it can be for everyone out there struggling with their mental health. 5/5⭐️

Would you like me to write more about books? Let me know! Have a look also at my other post about books on mental health topics.

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