When justice is not fair

Today I was told by my lawyer that there is nothing I can do against the the guy who abused me because there is no way to connect what happened with the suffering I went through.

That made me sad. I know exaclty how that affected me. While in intimate situations I was always detached and had anxiety. My ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend saw it.

Soon after I spoke up, everything got better. Doesn’t that maybe mean that I was mentally destroyed by what happened?

Well, following the Italian law, no. I hate this country even more. This person, this monster is going to go free and will never know I know. Isn’t it terrible? But well, there is nothing else I can do.

I am still glad I spoke up, but I cannot believe that he won’t get what he deserves. Plus, anytime I speak with the lawyer I dream this monster at night.

Today it hasn’t been a good day. I hope in tomorrow.

5 responses to “When justice is not fair”

  1. That’s awful. I hope he eventually gets what he deserves somehow, even if the justice system isn’t going to do it.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear that :(. Unfortunately, not much is different here in the US. It’s for sure not fair, but it took so much bravery to speak up.

    Sono anche Italiano. L’amore dal’America e spero che puoi trovare pace.

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    1. Thank you for commenting and being kind. Yes, it took courage. Speaking up was one of the best things I have ever did!

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  3. […] In those nightmares he looks at me and laughs, because he knows I can’t do nothing to put him un jail, as I explained here. […]


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