Feeling inadequate will sabotage your chances

If you stop and think about it, how many things you don’t do because you think you won’t be good enough? I asked the question to myself in the past, and the answer was, a lot, in fact too many. I did not think I could run a blog, study a master, and before, I did not think I could move to a new country and leanr a new language from scratch. But I did it.

Truth is, we are our own main source of sabotage. Why even start something if you know you will be inadequate? I feel you. Truth is, you don’t know if you can make it, because you never tried. It is as simple as that.

How did you find out you are good at certain things? Well, you tried to do them and it ended up being ok. So why not trying a bit more? There is a time while we grow up in which we just loose our will to try new things, even though that is all we have done since we were kids.

Why? Because kids do not compare themselves to others, not to the extent that gronw ups do, at least. It all ends when we start comparing ourselves to others. Comparing yourself to others is useful if done with a positive attitude. But we mostly do it negatively.

Thing is, who said we cannot do it if we do not become the best? The problem is, we focus on the ones who made it. And all the others? Well, they carry on their activities even if they are not perfect at them or even if they did not become famous.

Why can’t we do the same? I run this blog, and even if it doesn’t have millions of views, I keep doing it because I like writing. I started digital sketching from scratch, not because I can draw (you have am example of my ineptitude right in this post lol) but because I thought that self made images which are imperfect are better than perfect images made by others.

I would like to become famous through my writing, but I am fine if I don’t. That is not a reason to stop. I stopped for a while because I was feeling inadequate as I was not getting enough followers. Well, that was stupid of me, because I like to write regardless, even if people do not read it.

So, whenever you want to try a new thing, try it for yourself. Do not start comparing yourself to others, do it and see what happens. Go back to when you were a kid and stop sabotaging yourself!

Let me know what you think about this and share you expericence with me!

2 responses to “Feeling inadequate will sabotage your chances”

  1. I try to figure out my purpose with things that I’m doing, and then regularly check in with myself and make sure that I haven’t strayed from that purpose. With blogging/writing sometimes I’ll get caught up in stats and that kind of stuff, and then it’s helpful to consciously remind myself that my core purpose is what it’s doing for me, not how others are responding.

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    1. Yes, exaclty!! I agree with you!!

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