8 songs about mental health topics

In addition to books, some songs have also helped me in my journey of dealing with my condition. Listening to someone else’s words describing what I was feeling helped me understand that I was not alone out there. I often just blasted these songs in my ears and sung them quietly, feeling somehow relieved after that. These songs describe entire years of my life, and I hope you will find some comfort if you are going through a rough patch.

1. From Under Liquid Glass by Peace

This song describes how it feels like when you are affected by depression. As the title suggests, it is like being under a liquid glass, and everyone else is just on the outside. Liquid, because no matter how hard you try to break it, you just cannot. Furthermore, it is a link to hearing sounds underwater, as your brain seems to receive muffled information because slowed down by depression. The voice of the artist conveys all the suffering connected to this condition, making this song very touching. Here’s the song.

2. I Don’t Wanna Be Sad by Simple Plan

This rhythmically upbeat song might appear as dealing with happy topics, but the lyrics tell another story. They talk about a depressed guy who us trying to get out, and he describes how he feels and what he does to try and get out. After an endless list of failed attempts, he changes attitude, saying that depression is “getting old”. He knows he has a “badass personality” that he needs to set it free. This song is about someone who just started actively battling the condition and who is confident he will beat it. It makes you feel you can do it too! Here’s the song.

3. Out On My Own by Circa Waves

This song talks about a feeling that all humans have experiences at least once: solitude. He feels lonely at dealing with something not specified, maybe a condition, and he feels like others are better equipped than him to battle it. He realises that he’s alone against it, but the realisation seems to make him stronger. I listened to this song when I felt the loneliest, and it helped me understand that loneliness is a feeling that is felt by the most. Here’s the song.

4. Enter Entirely by Cloud Nothings

Feelings of being lost, confused, not beloning to anything and hurting are the protagonists of this song, along with the consciousness of the singer that there is a need to change things in order to get out of it. It is not easy, as the path might be scaring, but it is what’s needed to start healing. I knew I needed to change something in me in order to get out, and while stuck at thinking about what I could do, this song shooted me and gave me hope. Here’s the song.

5. Heavy Hearltess by Neon Waltz

Feeling nothing is a defence reaction to pain. The reality is that we feel so much that our brain needs to take a break, and so we feel numb and empty. Lack of motivation and excitement are the results of this condition. This is the theme of this song, in which the singer feels “heavy heartless”. He acknowledges, though, that this is just a phase, and this helped me to remind myself that one day, I would be feeling again. Here’s the song.

6. Stuck by Circa Waves

As it ever happened to you to realise you are living a life you don’t want and you feel stuck in it? This feeling is perfectly described by Circa Waves, who tells the story of a man who wakes up one day realising he’s stuck in his miserable life after a break up. I felt stuck many times, and frustration flooded me as I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the block, and I listened to this song to feel like someone else was understanding my feelings. Here’s the song.

7. Two fingers by Jake Bugg

The artist sings about his past, in which he had to deal with his parents’ divorce. He tells us what happened and that he “got down some dark allies in my own head,” but then something changes. So then he basically says the past to go to that place and rises two fingers to it. The two fingers gesture in England is the equivalent of the most known middle finger. He’s “alive and here to stay” because he managed to get over his troubled past. I listened to this song, imagining that this might be how I would feel once out of my sadness. Here’s the song.

8. I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw

Aside of being the main theme in One Three Hill, and American TV serie, this song is about acceptance of the self. The singr talks about seeing only fake people who try to be or do better, while he just wants to have some “peace of mind” and think about his wellbeing rather than how he is seen by others. I listened to this song to help me understand that my worth comes from within, not from others, so I needed to think about my peace of mind and work on myself without minding other’s judgment. Here’s the song.

I hope I’ve added some songs to your playlist and that they will help you in some way.

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