Why helping others?

You might be wondering why I decided to do this. Or maybe not. I’ll tell you anyway 🙂 I’ve spent a couple of rough years, and through those I realised some things that have become vital to my wellbeing. Everyone has experienced pandemic, so you probably know what I am talking about when I say that I had to spend an horrendous amount of time with myself and my mind. That was horrible. But it made me realise something, and it was that I had to change. I could not ignore it anymore. I started asking questions to myself. Why do you feel like this? Why is this bad? Why is this good? I asked myself also very silly things. Like, how is it that I cannot articulate decent phrases when I talk? How can I be less obvious to people? How can I be more mysterious? (Yes, I wanted to be mysterious so to result more interesting. Your heard it.) I thought it was silly, but it happened that it was not. I found some answers that made me realise what steps needed to be done in order to get out of the darkness. So, why help others? Because I know what it feels like to be stuck and see nothing, but I also know how to make it better, and deal with it. Surely different things work for different people, but I found that communicating was my way out, and so I want to help people describing what that process of getting out looked like. This blog is for those who google “how to get out of depression/anxiety/how to feel better” (I did it, yes. I even used yahoo answers when it was live. And wikihow). I would also like to talk about theraphy, because that has been helpful.

Hope it will be for you, too.

Image credits: https://images.app.goo.gl/xvwteM5Q8G4Pw18GA

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